February 14, 2010


Given how much I like the colour red, I guess today's theme is quite appropriate.  We don't usually go in for elaborate gestures on occasions like Valentines, but after glancing around the internet a couple of weeks ago I did see something which caught my eye.  There are cuflinks made from wooden scrabble tiles, much nicer then the modern plastic equivalent.  You can choose the letters, I chose A & L, the message to my husband being,

...the A is for Amy (me), the L is for Lucy & Luke and together we make you, AL.

(scrabble cufflinks via PennyDog)

We've also eaten red today, Thai Red Curry to be exact, even made my own curry paste, recipe from here.  I then used about 3 tablespoons of paste with 2 can's of coconut milk, sliced baby sweetcorn, chopped spring onions, sliced red pepper, 4 tablespoons of fish sauce, 2 tablespoons of cane sugar, king prawns and some crushed kaffir lime leaves.  The 2 cans of coconut milk instead of my usual 1 was so we could have it as a soup with some noodles in it too.  I didn't have any dried chilli's for the paste so used fresh this time, they worked fine but it wasn't quite as hot as we usually like it!

We're lucky as both Lucy & Luke are quite happy to eat hot and weird food, so recipes like this are pretty commonplace in this house.  Given the chance, they would much rather go to somewhere like Wagamama's or Yo Sushi than Macdonalds.

Happy Valentine's Day


Lucy said...

Love the cufflinks, so cool. Lucy x

Unknown said...

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