April 16, 2007

My sewing room!

When I started this blog, I did decide that it would be kept for crafty things only, but am making an allowence for this. In our new house we have split a large bedroom into two, so I now have sewing room/study all to myself, at last!. It's only little but is big enough for me. The 'L' shaped desk was a good find, just right for my mac and sewing machine, but I think I already need more shelving space, and so far I've only had the room for 3 weeks!.

I really must share this, just as we were starting to decorate, my husband stumbled in the loft and put his foot through the ceiling!. It has been mended as well as it can be without having it re-plastered, and has about 5 coats of paint to disguise it but I think it'll stay as a talking point!.

April 15, 2007

Felt Corsage

Coats Crafts UK have sent me some samples from their new range of 'Printz Felts' to have a go with. There are about 9 different designs, flowers, patterns, check, stripes, I have fallen in love with the spotty one!. Have been busy finishing a rag doll project for a new crafts for kids book due out in october, so have only had time to put together this little corsage. No stitching on it yet, but I suppose it is my 'wip' this week (work in progress)!.