August 18, 2010

Baby steps...

Hello.  Long time no see.  The break wasn't meant to happen, but there's been a lot going on.  As a rule, I don't blog about personal stuff, but this summer has, so far, not really gone to plan.  We're fine, the problems are within the extended family, and we're doing what we can to help and support.  But with all this going on, and the kids off school too, there has been very little time to work myself, and the time I have had, I've been too exhausted to be creative.

So, taking my own advice following on from a conversation with a family member the other day, take it slow, one thing at a time, break it down into smaller chunks, don't try and run before you can walk and all those other cliched phrases, steps.  Today's task I can achieve is to use up the rather large courgette I've been given (or zucchini for those across the pond) and make some soup.  There are lots of curried courgette soup recipes about, I used Stephanie's version, firstly because I love coconut milk in anything, and secondly, I put in too much curry powder by mistake and was hoping the coconut milk would balance the flavour.  It did, and it's lovely.  Lunch is sorted.

My next plan for getting back on track is to visit the Festival of Quilts on Friday.  There are lots of UK craft bloggers going, twitter is buzzing with meet up plans.  It's going to be good!