February 8, 2010

My mirror needs cleaning!

Since dipping my toe into the world of wardrobe refashion, I've discovered on Flickr the Bloganista's group.  Here, Bloggers from around the globe are posting their outfits for all to see, I thought it looked fun and decided to join in.  It's been quite an interesting experiment (also inspired by Ali), the theory being that if you are going to photograph your outfit, it will encourage more effort into putting it together.  I work at home, alone most days as Lucy & Luke are both out at school, and Al is usually out and is also often away abroad, so other than the school run or popping out for bread or milk, don't really need to make a huge effort with my appearance.  I always suspected that, despite having plenty of clothes to chose from, I only ever really skim off the top 10% and end up wearing the same outfits over and over again.  
So far, here is what I've discovered,

1. The mirror needs cleaning
2. The wall in our hall needs decorating
3. I stand the same way each time I take a picture
4. I do lots of layering, a sub-conscious side effect of it being so cold
5. I actually only wear the top 5% of my wardrobe, not 10 as I previously thought


6. At least I am getting dressed.  I have been known to do the school run with my pyjamas still on under a big coat.

My plan now is to try harder and dig deeper into the recesses of my wardrobe and see what I can find that I've not worn for ages, make better use of what I have, or alter what I have if it's not working as it is and see how long I can go without buying anything.

(my husband will be pleased!)


'Joyce' said...

Hi Amy, oh wow, I just LOVE your wardrobe pics. I have been following your lovely blog for a while now, but not commented, so I apologise for being so rude, however, I love your beautiful crafts and chat. I so love the layered look and make the most of it through our winter here (Australia) even tho we don't get quite so cold as at your place. Have you done all that lovely knitting of your cardi's you show here, they are just lovely earthy colours. I can only do basic knitting, so applaud your wonderful talent. Thanks for such a lovely blog and yes, I would also be only using about 5 to 8% of my own wardrobe. I have a little blog also, and just love recording my bits and pieces. Thanks again and oh I so love the curtains hanging at the side of your mirror. Enjoy your wardrobe.

A Time for Stitching said...

You've got some great outfits. I love the layered look but am not sure that I have the knack of putting it together. I would estimate that I use a good 60% to 70% of my wardrobe but maybe I'm kidding myself. It's definitely over 50% anyway! Something to think about?!
Teresa X

inmykitchen said...

I'm a comfort dresser. I love the feel of familiarity and layers of warmth.

I often berate my hubby for taking the top t-shirt out of the drawer and not really thinking about clothes. He pointed out recently that I do the same, except off a hanger from the wardrobe!

I've thought about re-modelling some of the less worn items to save money, after all being thrifty is in vogue at the mo.


Ellouise88 said...

It's not until you start blogging that you realise how dirty your walls are (mine were anyway)! Once I took a picture of my kitchen blackboard and had to clean the wall around it because it was so filthy! That caused a clean spot and so had to wash the whole wall! It was still dirty so got husband to paint it!

Anna said...

So fun! Maybe I'll get up the nerve to join you. Motherhood can really put a damper on fashion sense.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I love your tutorials! they are fab! Thanks for sharing :)

Anna said...

love this, it's a great idea, I tend to wear the same clothes in the same way, so will try different combo's and photograph to critique. It's easier to be objective while looking at photos rather than just in the mirror.
My mirror needs a big clean too, think I'm hoping the dust layer provides some sort of 'soft-focus' effect! Love #6, been soo tempted to do this on some days!!
You have a great style by the way :)