September 17, 2012


This blog has been so quiet lately, I feel the need to re-introduce myself.  Hello, I'm Amy, and I craft... sometimes, oh, and I also wrote a book and I make stuff!

The summer has been very busy for us, visiting lots of family and also ripping our garden to pieces to begin a complete revamp that has been on the cards for the last 5 years.

(railway sleeper planters!) 

There has been a little crafting, not much I have to admit, but just a little...

Luke has a cabin bed in his bedroom, and despite having what I think is quite a nice room, he continually makes a pain of himself (as most little brothers do) by hovering around his older sisters room far too much, so I decided to make the underneath of his bed into a den by adding curtains.  I have lots of fabric, but most is in the form of fat quarters, so nothing large enough to make curtains.  Obvious solution was to patchwork some together.  I have to be honest and say the thought made me shudder a bit.  Patchwork and Quilting has, so far, not really appealed to me, and I did begin to wonder why this might be?

I think it's because it involves precise measuring and cutting, whereas in my everyday crafting I tend to do things by eye and in a slap dash fashion.  So, trying hard to remain undaunted, I pressed on and turned the upstairs landing into a great big cutting mat,

and patchworked this totally exact and not cut in the slightest bit wonky fabric jigsaw into...

a curtain!   I hung them both in place, intending to take them down again and give them an iron, yet here we are, a month or so later, and they are both still there, still un-ironed.  But at least there are 2 people and 1 animal happy with the den, Luke, because he has a den, Lucy, because he's slightly less of a pain, and the cat, because he hid in there and missed his vet's appointment for a blood test because I couldn't find him.  Sneaky cat!