February 20, 2013


It must be noticeable to blog readers that I haven't been blogging with any regularity of late.  I think it's something most bloggers in any subject hit at sometime or another, a bit of writers block along with a dose of self doubt, why do I blog and do I want to continue?  I do want to carry on, I know that much at least.  Baby steps, baby steps...

First place to start is a run down of what's been going on here...

An online friend featured some Marvel comic fabric in a project she made on Facebook, which caught my eye.  I got some from Ebay (UK link) and have tracked it's origins as being from Camelot Fabrics who seem to have the license for Marvel.  Have to admit though, the comic book cover fabric (USA link) is definitely my favorite.  

Of course, as soon as it arrived, my son's eye's flashed wider with a 'ooooh, is that for me?' expression.  I'm sure some will make it's way into his room eventually (and join the scraps he is currently squirreling away in his bed/nest), but for now, it is intended for a few Superhero type Softies.

Fantastic Mr Fox/Dame Edna

Apologies for the out of focus image, it's from Instagram, but how do you make Superhero eye masks, look like eye masks and not glasses??  It's a real problem.  And Luke tells me Mr Fox needs a cape as all Superheros should have a cape.  I am drawing a line at red underpants though!

February 4, 2013

Love Quilting & Patchwork...

There is a new magazine on the way this Spring, from the publisher behind Mollie Makes, called 'Love Quilting & Patchwork'

It even comes with a free quilting book.

But, most exciting of all, there's a patchwork Owl pattern (see, there on the front cover) in there designed by little old me!

So, if you fancy bagging yourself a copy, hop on over here, it's on sale from the 14th February.