September 30, 2009

Applique, applique...,

I have completely forgotten to blog about this.  It is a magazine editorial for the appliqued cushion, that was featured in Issue Number 91 of 'Classic Stitches'. 
'Classic Stitches' is a rather lovely UK based embroidery biased crafts magazine.  When I worked for Coats Crafts UK, I had designs featured frequently, but it was always credited to 'CCUK'.  It's nice to finally have a project under my own name...,

"Amy Adams for Lucykate Crafts"

This issue came out in April, but you can purchase back issues online here.  They have done a lovely job on the page layout for this project, and as always, their photography is beautiful.  Mine just doesn't do it justice!

ps, thank you for all the christening gift suggestions.  I think I have almost decided what to make now!

pps, I am trial running a different blog banner this week, not sure yet if it will stay, what do you reckon?

September 20, 2009

This weekend...,

I have been gardening, while the others have been lego-ing!

It can't be tidied away.  So I've been told.  It's all catalogued.  Apparently.

Now a small plea for help!

I have been asked to make a christening present for a girl.  They like Beatrix Potter, I have some Peter Rabbit prints, but am so far stumped as to what to make.  Any ideas, links etc would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

September 18, 2009

Sticky situation...!

I signed up for a small, local craft exhibition which starts in October and is being held in the foyer of the museum.  There is space for about 15 items, and as, everything is going to be for sale, I was aiming to put in a few Softies but also some smaller, less complicated (and therefore cheaper, there is a credit crunch going on, after all!), items.  So, late yesterday evening, I whipped up some very simple decorated hair slides.

Lucy & her friend are test driving them at school today, so I can see how they stand up to a bit of wear and tear before making any more.

The button is stitched on, and the stitching also anchors the fabric to the slide, although I did add a blob of superglue to hold it in place more securely.  Anyone who follows me on Twitter will already know what happened next.

I went to bed last night with my finger and thumb glued together!

September 14, 2009

Make do & mend...,

I bought a copy of this book last weekend, and I love it.  It's a collection of official Second World War advice leaflets with instructions on darning, patching, letting out clothes so they last just that bit longer and even how to cook and use the gas more economically.  Little did I know that these skills were going to be called upon so soon.  Lucy had a bit of a mishap in her bedroom which resulted in her duvet cover sporting a hole.  So rather than a trip to Ikea for a replacement (as much as I would love a trip to Ikea), out came the fabrics and thread...,

and voila, a patch.  I think she's a bit disappointed that there's only one, and is threatening to make more holes.

I've hidden the scissors!

September 6, 2009

I strongly suspect...,

(first day at school)

... that I may be the Mother of the class clown.  What do you reckon??

September 2, 2009


I should have done this on Monday, but here in the UK, it was a bank holiday so we've been making the most of the final few days of the school holidays.  

Anyway, better late than never, here are the winners of the giveaway,

1st, and winner of the calendar, is comment 61, which is ::

2nd is comment 59, which is :: Julia and 3rd is comment 118 :: Lyndyloo!

So, Julia and Lyndyloo, I will email you and find out whether you would like the pattern and fabrics for the kitten or the hedgehog (although, Lyndyloo, I can't access your blogger profile so have no way of contacting you, so if you could email me instead please)



Well, Lucy was back in school today, and tomorrow, my youngest is starting, his first day at big school.  Will I be a sobbing mum or a running round the playground cheering mum, I wonder!