November 22, 2012

Beanie sewing pattern...

Whatever the weather, I mostly walk the school run as parking can be problematic.  In wind and rain, hoods blow down, so a hat can be the best option for keeping dry.  My winter coat is probably best described as being mushroom in colour, and I've been on the look out for a matching hat for ages but not found anything quite right.  Simple solution I suppose, knit one.  But I don't knit, so simpler solution... sew one!

After rooting through my collection of old jumpers, it took about five minutes (that's after I'd drafted the pattern) to cut it out and sew.  What could be easier?
This is what you'll need...

a body panel (front or back will do) from an old woollen jumper 
(one panel is roughly big enough to make one Beanie and include the ribbed bottom edge in your measurements) 

piece of paper - 20" (horizontally) x 11 1/2" (vertically) 

plus a pencil, scissors, pins and your sewing machine (you can sew it by hand but it's much quicker on a machine)

Step 1, Fold the piece of paper in half, and then half again so it's now in quarters.  Follow the pattern below for the measurements and shape to cut, cutting through all four layers of paper simultaneously.

Open out your paper pattern to double check it's cut correctly, it should look like this...

Step 2, Fold the paper pattern back in half, and place it on top of the folded (right sides together) jumper panel, lining up both the folded edges and pin to secure.  Stretch the jumper out while pinning if need be.  Next, cut out the Beanie shape from the jumper, cutting through both layers of fabric. Remove the pattern and re pin just the jumper panel in half.

Step 3, Stitch along edge 1, and then edge 2, but while you are sewing edge 2, stop at the marker, turn the beanie inside out (so it is now actually right sides round), and complete stitching edge 2.  This is so when you fold over the ribbed edge, the seam won't show on the outside of the hat.

Step 4, Turn it back so it's inside out again, and re-fold the Beanie so the 2 seams you have just sewn are now central.  Pin and sew the last curved seam around the top.  

Step 5, Turn the hat right side round, fold over the ribbed edge section and give it a quick press with an iron, and it's all done!

 A few tips which may help...
  • wear the hat with the long seam at the back, shorter seam to the front as it'll look neater
  • by all means, adjust the pattern to fit your head by making it wider or narrower if it's for a child
  • you may need to stretch out your jumper panel to fit the pattern, but don't worry about doing this, as knitted fabrics do have a lot of give in them
  • you can add decoration, a pom pom or a flower and some buttons
I now have one in mushroom, one in blue, brown next I think...