February 29, 2012

Change of mind, change of policy...


(picture of work in progress just to pretty up this post, more on the Foxes next time)

Since my previous post, I have given the whole selling from patterns a lot of thought, in addition to reading Abby's post and the comments made for her 'softie's for sale' series.  It made me think back to my time working within the craft kit industry, marketing, added value and various other technicalities of running a business.

All of this has led me to a conclusion, and that is to have a change in policy.

I've amended the tutorial page on the blog, and also the sidebar, but in short, it means craft items made using any of my free tutorials and PDF patterns (which are coming soon!) can be made to sell

There are a few stipulations noted within the new policy page, nothing too major though.  Unfortunately, the new policy does not cover the patterns from the books, Countryside Softies, Little Birds and Countdown Calendars.  Published books come under a different banner as the copyright restrictions are set by the publisher, not me. 

My hope is that this is an enlightening decision, and also make future PDF patterns have a greater appeal to purchase.  What do you reckon, good idea??

February 22, 2012

Not going to link, not going to name names...

...that would just be crass.  Now, I know people are making items from my book and selling them.  If you go to Etsy and search the term 'fox softie', a fair few of the front cover design pop up.  Officially, you are not supposed to.  It says so within the copyright section at the front of the book.  But do you know what?, I actually don't really mind.  Lets be honest here, I'm not made of money and I don't know anyone in the legal profession, so chasing down small independent sellers is not something I can afford to get into.  That, however does not mean it is open season.

A few sellers have emailed to ask first.  A few have gone ahead anyway, but have credited the book in the product description, and I appreciate the honesty in doing so.  

A small few have claimed my designs to be their own.

Just bear in mind that I too, am a small independent seller.  I still make things from my own patterns to sell.  Any confusion over copyright can potentially impact on my business too, which, given how much I do already give away in the form of free tutorials, is frustrating.

I didn't make a huge amount from writing the book.  Enough to buy a new washing machine after destroying my old one felting wool.  The book was a labour of love so, please play nice.

February 21, 2012


I might have a hurty elbow, but I am not one to be deterred.  At least where shopping is concerned anyway.  Last week I nipped out to do my monthly rounds of the local charity shops and actually managed to score pretty well this time,

woollens to felt and some shirts to chop up.

Although I do often peruse fabrics online, I still prefer to pillage my fabrics from old clothes.  Many reasons why, cost is one as recycling is much cheaper.  This horror story has also worried me from the perspective of using designer fabrics for commercial purposes like I (and indeed everyone on Etsy) do when making items to sell and patterns for publishing.  That particular situation has now been resolved and agreements reached, but it does raise the question that when using fabrics, whose design actually is the finished piece?  This is why I'm very aware how much the use of well known fabric ranges impacts on a design and can take over from the piece you are making.  

My aim is for the focal point to be the item I've made, not the materials it's made from.  Anyone else feel like that?

February 20, 2012

My newest piece of sewing equipment...

Turns out, after years of intermittent pain which has slowly developed into near constant pain, I have tennis embroiderers elbow.

Hopefully the epicondylar clasp and a week of high dose ibuprofen will help!

February 8, 2012

Sometimes I wish...

I could go along with the things I make.

This little guy has gone off to Texas.  I'd love to go to Texas. 

One day maybe.

February 7, 2012

Can you help?

In a break from normal posting, I feel compelled to mention this...

There is a little girl called Aillidh (pronounced Ay-lee) here in the UK.  She is 8 years old and has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia.  Currently Aillidh is in hospital in Glasgow undergoing her third course of chemotherapy but she urgently needs a stem cell/bone marrow transplant.  In a cruel twist of fate, neither of her siblings are a match.  The reason I am posting about this is because Aillidh is an unusual tissue type as her Mother is of part native American Indian origin, and I know I have a lot of followers from the USA.

Please consider joining your countries bone marrow registry, the link for the USA is here, and also for the UK.  Spread the word, tweet it, blog it, facebook it.   There is also a Facebook page set up to link to.

Even if you are not a match for Aillidh, you could help save another life.

Thank you for reading.