October 4, 2012

pdf patterns vs craft books

I'm sure this must be something that goes through most designers minds when they are working on a new pattern which they are intending to sell.  What form do you go about selling it as?

In the past, my patterns have been made into craft kits, featured in collaborative craft pattern books and magazines, appeared as a free tutorial both here and on other blogs and websites, in addition to having been granted a book all of their very own.  The avenue I am yet to personally embark on is into the world of PDF downloads.  The issue here is this... in my book Countryside Softies, there are a total of 28 patterns for a retail cover price of $19.95 or £17.99 (obviously, there are outlets online, who shall remain nameless, which will be selling it at a discounted price).  But split those 28 patterns and launch them separately as PDF's, you have got to wonder, from a designers point of view, which would bring in the most revenue?

So, what I'm asking is, what are your preferences when it comes to buying craft patterns?  Here's a little questionaire...

1.  When purchasing craft patterns, do you prefer to buy in the form of a book, magazine or PDF download?

2.  Are you more likely to buy a PDF pattern if it allows you to sell the items you make?

3.  If you buy a PDF pattern, does the fact you could potentially buy a whole craft book for a similar price affect your purchase?

I have been squirreling away with some new patterns, one of which, that stemmed from our visits to the Natural History Museum in London during the summer, there is a sneaky peek of in this post.  This one is most likely heading down the PDF route once the kids have finished playing with it to see how well it stands up to a bit of rough and tumble!