August 30, 2007

Polly & Patch

Do you remember my little owl Hooty?, well I was very pleased to find him featured at Softies Central the other day, thank you Therese!. A coincidence, as I had also been thinking about Hooty too. It occurred to me that the same body template could be used to make other animals just by using different felt or fabric applique, so I decided to give it a go. So far, I have come up with Polly the cat and Patch the dog, both have little accessories to go with them!.

Close up of Polly's little toy mouse.

And here is Patch, with his bone chew toy!.

When boy meets girl.......

Crafting has been thin on the ground with it being the school holidays (as has the sunshine!), but it seems I have a bit of competition. My husband took our daughter down to his studio to make a robot out of cardboard, our son wanted to get in on the act so decided that he was small enough to get into the robot!. He was ok, until he realised he couldn't actually get himself out, and started to panic a bit, but all's well that ends well!, one small boy released and one robot put away until another day.

August 2, 2007

Cat creation... (and something special!)

This week has seen yet more fun with felt, and using some of my current favorite fabric from Kitty Craft, I came up with this little one. The pattern is based on the 'kitty' design as seen as my buddy icon for Flickr, I have thought for a while that I should bring this to life as a softie. Front view, and a rear view to show the heart motif and how the tail is attached.

And now for something special...

For my birthday, my husband knew that there is one fellow blogger in particular whose work I admire. He made contact, and made a commission, which was then swiftly designed and beautifully stitched, all in secret. The first I knew of this was when a package arrived all the way from New Zealand, containing my very own doll, and here she is...!

She began her journey from Prairie Mouse (image courtesy of Prairie Mouse),

to my daughters bedroom (hey, I thought she was for me!). She is a lovely addition to our household, came with her own party hat and a tiny additional doll that fits in her pocket.

She is currently perched on my 'softie shelf' above my desk watching me sew, with a couple of friends to keep her company. A big thank you to both my husband, and to Prairie Mouse.

Addition to post, my cat has made its way onto the Cuteable web site here!