December 23, 2009


I feel a bit embarrassed about how such a relatively small amount of snow can bring the UK to a halt, just after last christmas, Alastair went to Seattle, and drove to Spokane through real snow.

In comparison, what we have here is a light dusting! Still, it has been icy enough to give some icicles on the studio in the garden...,

deep enough for some sledging...,

but cold enough to not want to stay out in it too long, and head home for some tea instead.

Now, we have a party to prepare for. More importantly than the 25th, Alastair is 40 on Christmas Eve!


Sam Gillespie said...

looks like you had a little more than us! birthday ... and Christmas wishes to all the Adams family xx

Vinniey said...

Wish you have a merry christmas and happy new year! :)

Unknown said...

Is that what you call a small amount of snow?!

J said...

I live in Spokane, and from your pictures it looks like you've had more snow than us this year. This winter is so strange after last year's record-breaking storm - we've only had 2 or three dustings.