July 25, 2008

Pandora's Box...

Apologies for the unexpected hiatus, our kitchen fiasco has become a bit all consuming this week, but we are now on the way back up (I hope!).  Our kitchen has been a bit of a 'Pandora's Box' from the start, so, trying desperately to stay positive about loosing the floor, has led us to finally start decorating the room.  So, today, I have painted 3 coats of white (it still looks patchy) onto what was a bare plaster ceiling, and being such a messy job, I have virtually turned myself into a human paint brush and am covered in white paint drips!!

(latest wip, which has unfortunately had to go on the back burner due to kitchen mess)

Now, down to the serious business, first, there is an interview with me here, and second, the winner of the toadstool giveaway is...

Amy from My Zoe Bug

So, if you can email me your address, I will get the toadstool off in the post.  

All I need to do now, is swap the paint brush for a sewing needle and camera, and there will be a new tutorial to post, watch this space...!


Miaou said...

Oh I hope the kitchen is coming on OK. Am intrigued by the WIP, it looks very interesting!

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

I think the wip looks pretty too. The varigated thread is so lovely.
Hope the kitchen is sorted soon.

Dolci Fusa said...

Hi, Amy,
I don't usually comment when I visit your blog. I do check it out quite frequently and always enjoy it!
I have nominated you for a Kreativ Blog Award.


Kitty said...

I read the interview. A book?! Hooray and hurrah - I would DEFINITELY buy it!

Congratulations to Amy for winning your giveaway. I hope you manage to get the paint out of your hair! It's a nightmare doing ceilings isn't it? Makes your arms and neck ache!


Gina said...

Hope you're making progress with the kitchen. A book sounds interesting!

Amy said...

Oh a book would be fun indeed!
And yipee for me! We find out in about two weeks if we are having a boy or a girl and if we are having another girl I was thinking of doing a forest-y cottage-y themed room- this will be perfect for that! And if it is a boy I guess I will just get to keep it all for myself-yipee...off to e-mail!