February 29, 2012

Change of mind, change of policy...


(picture of work in progress just to pretty up this post, more on the Foxes next time)

Since my previous post, I have given the whole selling from patterns a lot of thought, in addition to reading Abby's post and the comments made for her 'softie's for sale' series.  It made me think back to my time working within the craft kit industry, marketing, added value and various other technicalities of running a business.

All of this has led me to a conclusion, and that is to have a change in policy.

I've amended the tutorial page on the blog, and also the sidebar, but in short, it means craft items made using any of my free tutorials and PDF patterns (which are coming soon!) can be made to sell

There are a few stipulations noted within the new policy page, nothing too major though.  Unfortunately, the new policy does not cover the patterns from the books, Countryside Softies, Little Birds and Countdown Calendars.  Published books come under a different banner as the copyright restrictions are set by the publisher, not me. 

My hope is that this is an enlightening decision, and also make future PDF patterns have a greater appeal to purchase.  What do you reckon, good idea??


Fleur Cotton said...

It's a difficult one! I have the same dilemma with my PDF Knitting Patterns. I suppose it really depends upon where you want to focus, if it is producing the softies then it's not a great solution as the market will be flooded with potential rivals but if you are primarily focused on the process and production of design then it's the perfect solution. There are so many crafters out there and you fill the gap in the market.

I think you have to do what the voice inside you tells you!

Happy Crafting
Fleur xx


Wendy said...

I think it's a fantastic decision. I have never and would never buy a pattern that doesn't allow you to sell the finished goods, shelling out for patterns gets expensive and I just don't have the money. I make two or three and if I sell them, I don't see that impinging on the pattern writer's market place, I'm not mass producing them. Yes, the pattern writer puts a LOT of thought, time and energy into getting the pattern right, but they're selling a pattern. The buyer then has to buy materials and put all their time and energy into making it and that's what they're selling...

Becky said...

As much as I love free tutorials, I don't mind paying for patterns if it's something I really want to make. I don't sell items, I stick to giving them as gifts, but for what it's worth, I think if you are selling something and it's not your original design, you should pay something to the designer.

Lucykate Crafts... said...

i will still be compensated. the plan is rather than offer something like a yearly payable cottage industry license, the price of the pattern will be slightly higher under the proviso that the handmade items can be sold. the thing is, people are going to do this anyway, whether i like it or not, so i may as well accept that is the case and roll with it!

A Time for Stitching said...

I think this is a good compromise that has advantages for everyone although it's a shame you were almost pressurised to do it. I say this as someone who has never sold something made from someone else's pattern.

Michelle said...

I think it's a great idea, and your reasoning is quite sound. I hope it gives you some peace, too, and encourages others to support you even more. Keep up your great work!

Quietly Otaku said...

I agree, if people are going to continue doing it then I don't see why you shouldn't look for some sort of compensation!

Daryl Balcombe said...

Take a look at this forum about copyright http://www.copyrightaid.co.uk/forum/topic635.htm

It's a difficult one, hopefully all your books state that they are for personal use and not for mass production.

I guess the best way is to keep your best and most original designs to yourself and then sell the PDFs of the ones you don't mind sharing like you plan.

Good Luck

Tatkis said...

Wow, thank you so much about this policy! I'm not selling my toys anyway - just giving them to friends (doesn't matter whos pattern I used) but it all sounds great and fair!

Thanks again!


B.Gillespie said...

I think you are right. And if the likes of Jenny Hart can do it, then why shouldn't you? (Although I think her policy is slightly different, have you seen it?)

Mary Ann Tate said...

I don't know if you saw my comment on Abby's blog but I want to thank you very much for your change of policy. Bravo:)

Lucykate Crafts... said...

mary ann, it was indeed your comment which gave me more food for thought, which is why i mentioned about the added value in this post with regard to pdf patterns. you were totally right in pointing that out.

DangAndBlast! said...

Ha, just realized you're UK, so my long ramble on your last post doesn't apply! Interesting discussion over there.

DangAndBlast! said...

Ha, just realized you're UK, so my long ramble on your last post doesn't apply! Interesting discussion over there.

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