December 8, 2011

nice things...

A couple of things turned up this week, nice things!
First, I'd written an article for Craft Focus magazine which I'd completely forgotten about, so was pleasantly surprised to find the double page spread inside, 

you can download a copy of the latest issue (number 28) from their website here.  I'm on page 98 chatting about making the transition from working as an in-house designer to going freelance.

And the other bit of news is Channel 4 have added a section to their 4 Homes website listing their favorite UK craft blogs, and they listed Lucykate Crafts...!!


Unknown said...

Wow, what great news!

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to tell you I'd read that article! I get Craft Focus through still even though I quit my job, they haven't caught up with me yet :P

Tatkis said...

Wow, congratulations! Great news!


Planet Penny said...

Hello, I've just called in to say hello from another member of 'The List!' Craft Focus is a magazine I haven't caught up with before. I'm off to check it out, after I've had a little browse around LucyKate Crafts!
Lovely to meet you x