March 26, 2011

The funny side,

Well, it's happened.   What every author waits for with baited breath.  The Amazon reviews.  

Ho Hum.  

Only way to deal with it is to rise above, keep calm and eat chocolate carry on, always look on the bight side.  The amusing thing is, usually if you read between the lines, some are actually quite funny...

Review of the book 'Little Birds' - "disappointed, it just contained projects about birds" - errr, the clue is in the name.

"Some of the projects look like they could be made by a child" - not quite getting the point behind varying projects within a book to cater for a wide range of abilities.

Review of a book about paper crafts - "disappointed, it just contained projects made using paper" - errr, again, the clue is in the name.

"Patterns needed tracing" - so you would seriously be happy cutting up your book?

"I bought the Kindle version and then realised the patterns needed tracing" - no kidding!

"I was going to buy this book, but..." - so you're reviewing a book you don't have based on the 'look inside' feature alone from which there are large chunks of the book missing?

"I'm giving this book 1 star as when it arrived it was damaged" - yes, because the postal system is indeed the authors fault.  Obviously!

Anyone seen anymore Amazon gems I should add to the list??


MissGinger said...

oh no - i have never really noticed before and now i am going to be looking for them all the time! great post - made me laugh... i think i may have the bird book. it is all birds , but i wasn't surprised ha ha

Twiglet said...

Very funny - I am sure these silly folk are in a tiny minority!

Sally said...

So glad you can see the humor in these reviews. Each seems to validate the title and labeling of the book. Also seems ideal that there is a least one "easy" pattern and directions for the craft beginner who has been charmed by the cover and title. Hang in there and know you have succeeded well.

aweekfromthursday said...

It's still quite a feat that you have even managed to publish. You're awesome.

Although about the kindle version, I love my kindle, but I realize it's not the best for craft books. :(

Jopsy said...

i have just laughed out loud, and read your comm's out to my husband. have also just purchased your animal softy book on etsy, i just hope it's about birds ;)

trash said...

CK read a couple out today on the new 3d DS console. Two people rated it as one star bc Amazon hadn't delivered in time for the chiild's birthday this weekend! Just crackers.

Lyn said...

after seeing my friends, I have ordered it and will no doubt be writing a glowing report!

Jodie said...

I read one once where the reson for only one star was because the book was too heavy !

Unknown said...

I have questions like this all the time on ebay! Today 'are your felt squares 9x9 or 9 x 12' - '10 pack - how many do i get'!!! I sometimes wonder if it is me! lol!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

You just have to realise that some people are not happy unless they are moaning! I do love those quotes, thanks for the giggle :-)

Sconch said...

These did make me laugh! Just to let you know, I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award.

Betsy said...

I have been Waiting for this book!
I havent been following the blog, You added me as a contact on Flickr and I saw the images of your softies and got so excited!
The book looks like a best in category winner for sure!
And of course I am loving all of the woolley love! since have wool milled is the family business :) It adds so much character.
erica from Heavens to Betsy

nutterbug said...

I don't understand why they release these types of books on the Kindle. Unless they think people just want to read it without making anything?

Can't wait to buy this one!