March 23, 2011

10 signed copies...,

now up on Etsy

which means if you are in the UK, you can have your book now rather than waiting until May!

First 3 orders will also receive one of the handmade conkers as a free gift!


kristin said...

hi! i saw your swan in the latest issue of Living Craft Magazine so am just learning of your site. congratulations on your book!! that is very exciting and I wish you lots of success with it.

thank you for the dragonfly pattern...i'll be sure to make a few of these. xxx

Hiroko said...

I can't wait to check your Etsy shop!
Once again, Congrats!!!!

Tiff said...

Your book looks absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! Your beautiful creations just amaze me! X

Apryl said...

fantastic!!!! <3