February 6, 2009

On my desk today is...,

shoe carnage!

I had hoped to have the pattern for a softie shoe cracked by now, but it's not going well,

back to the drawing board!


Lindsey said...

Oh Amy. I can sympathise. I made shoes - well baby bootees - for my HND Final Exhibition. I did small ones and the final piece was a MASSIVE pair. Must confess I cheated and took a pair to pieces and adapted my pattern from that. Jennifer Collier was one of my references. Her stuff is fab isn't it? I loved the dresses as well.
Good luck. Keep at it.

Doda said...

How frustrating. Hope you crack it sometime soon!

leyya said...

wowwww.so so nice and lm gonna make its))

Becky J. said...

isn't that funny how the first ones work but when we try to find out the magic formula to reproduce it doesn't? good luck.

Di said...

Carnage it may be but it looks like fun!

Celia said...

Well, it's not that bad! Believe me many, many times I have to do the same with much more simple projects!

Eva Wilson said...

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