February 18, 2009

Feeling a bit blue..,

I don't like blogging about negative things, but as I'm only human, sometimes this stuff does seep to the surface.  As you may have spotted in my previous post, my Flickr account has been deleted.  The good news is the groups as linked to in the sidebar are still there, but all my own images, comments, contacts, and favorites are all gone.  Why?, in all honesty, I'm not sure.  Flickr did this with no warning, the only contact I've had with them is a very short message in response to my email telling me I had broken their 'terms of service', I can only guess as to how.

There were links back to this blog within the description of some images, and a handful photographs which referenced Etsy.  I'm feeling very frustrated at not being given the chance by Flickr to put right what was wrong, and trying to remain as professional as I can, but it is hard not to point out there are far worse crimes against the terms of service being committed on Flickr.  Best I can do for now is to say to all of you, please, please check your own photostream if you are a Flickr user, I'm not the only person this happened to, hopefully in posting this, it may help save others from the same fate.

I'm not sure if I will rejoin Flickr, am going to leave it for a while.  

In the meantime, some things to cheer me up, the copious amounts of Green & Blacks chocolate in my tummy were joined by a rather lovely meal from a girls night out yesterday evening, and I have this sat next to me on my desk...,

I managed to grab one of these in Stephanie's valentine shop update, of course because Mr LK got the love letter I made for him, I get to keep this, yay!

There is also some sewing to be done.  A new shoe waiting for a bit of decoration.  And next on the softie shoe list are some brown, brogue style ones, and my favorite, red t-bar shoes!


willywagtail said...

I can't quite see what you have done wrong especially as flicker uses our photos in any way they want. I had a similar problem with ebay. How do you discuss a problem with a computer especially when you are an old fogey and don't know what they are talking about! Keep going. We all love you. Cherrie

Karin said...

I'm so sorry about your account! Not even a warning?? That's terrible!

Melissa said...

So sorry to hear about your account. I've been hearing more and more problems like this with Flickr.

I have my issues with Flickr too. For the past several months my photos won't show up on my Blogger blog. Though I have so many pictures on Flickr, I am thinking of switching to another service.

Lucykate Crafts... said...

karin, no, i had no warning or was even told by flickr they had done it. i only found out when i went to view my photos and they'd all gone. it's really frustrating as it does say in their terms of service -

"Here’s the deal: In most circumstances, we like to give second chances, so we’ll send you a warning if you step across any of the lines listed below. Subsequent violations can result in account termination without warning"

French Knots said...

Goodness, seems very harsh to delete everything without even getting in touch.
I've not even read the terms of service so could well be falling foul too.

Anonymous said...

I am French, I watch your blog regularly and I commend you for the wonderful work
see you


Mrs Jelly said...

I can't even begin to imagine how one breaks the terms of service ????

Surely all you've done is uploaded your photos and published them to your blog??? What else is there you can do with them?

*Goes off scratching head and muttering about how insane the world can be*

Tonya Staab said...

Wow, that was really harsh. I can't believe they just cancelled your account like that.

monda-loves said...

that's really awful - I'm so sorry that you have lost all of this. What a bummer. At the very least they should have told you if you had overstepped the mark in some way.


Unknown said...

So sorry this happened to you, I do think flickr should give you a warning first and allow you to rectify it - just deleting accounts like that is very unprofessional and I can't think what you did wrong.

Anyway your softie shoe looks great and I shall still visit your blog x

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

so sorry to hear of your flickr problems - i loved seeing your new stuff and wip's there - i think it is very unfair.
hope it will be resolved x

Cadê o Expedito!? said...

Hello Amy!
I´m from Brazil, and I like your blog!
Your work is very beautiful!
Look my blog: http://ibelieveinmyheart.blogspot.com

Bye =o)

Cadê o Expedito!? said...
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Kitty said...

:-O They just deleted all your pictures without even telling you they were going to do it? That's absolutely appalling! I feel we should all make felt and fabric placards and post pictures of them!!

Blimey, I'm really shocked, and really very cross on your behalf. :-(

Keep your chin up - hopefully something can be done to rectify matters. At least a little bit?


Becky J. said...

That sure is a yucky day. on the bright side, the shoe is spec-tac! what about a pair of good 'ol mary janes?

Mrs Mac said...

I really love those shoes!!!!

I'm sorry about what happened with you and Flikr. I feel angry for you because I've had a run-in with them recently myself.

I hadn't updated my Flikr account for ages- i.e. I hadn't uploaded any new photo's for over a year, left any comments, etc.

Well, I wanted to. But couldn't remember my log on and password. They were saying that they could only tell me if I wrote to them from the email address I had signed up with- which is ridiculous as we just don't have that account any more so how could I???!!!

UGH! It went on for weeks. And the most annoying thing is the way they send you round and round in circles, and you never get replies from the same person. ALways someone new each email, and you have to go over and over it.


But thanks for the warning. I shall definitely check their Ts and Cs. I have no idea what's in them since Yahoo took over.

Unknown said...

Nasty Flickr - that was really unreasonable of them. I had the same message a year or so back from them - and I had to go through every photo and remove any mention of Etsy - it took for ever - but they let me keep the account. I'm sorry that they have been so beastly to you.

Your shoe is divine - gorgeous.

Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

So sorry they closed your account. That was nasty. There are definately worse crimes out there in the photo posting world.
I understand about feeling blue and feeling weird about posting. I am so glad you did though. I end up not bloging on days where I feel like junk. Like in cyberspace you aren't alowed to have a gloomy day. Now I am encouraged to do so. Thanks for sharing your days with all of us Good and Bad. I love your work. I can't wait to try the jam topper. My sister in law and I love your blog. ;)

PatchworkPottery said...

Hi Amy, I hope you find out more about why they closed your account. This is really worrying that this could happen to anyone WITHOUT even a warning! It's not fair. Big Hugs, Laurraine
PS I love your new shoe!

Annie B said...

oh Amy I am sorry - that's horrible. I know I'd be really fed up if Flickr did that to me. Wonder what (imaginary) law you transgressed...how peculiar...

HomeMadeOriginals said...

How about if we start a Flickr group for people who were formerly kicked off flickr? ...sign me up.
I'm HMOriginals on flickr now, but like you I haven't added many photos.