August 16, 2008

Time for...

some thank you's.  

Thank you for all the excellent suggestions for crafty boy items, some superb ideas came up.

Thank you to all those who have nominated me for bloggy awards recently, it is very sweet of you.  I've been such a bad, (but busy) blogger I haven't got round to this yet!

Thank you to Sarah of The Pesky Bombolino, for the ticket to the Amy Butler (who is strikingly tall!) talk today at the Festival of Quilts, it was fascinating.

Thank you to Manda, and Janet, for taking time out today to meet up.

and a big thank you to my husband, for being 'mum' for the day so I could go off on a jolly!

(I spotted this clock button on one of the stands today which has given me an idea for a future project, all I need now is some time to play around with it!)

After trying out virtually every sewing machine in the NEC today, I am shocked by what they can do nowadays, mind you, it has been twenty years since I was last in the market.  The shortlist is narrowed down to, either a Husqvarna Sapphire (I quite liked these because of the automatic sensor system on the foot, and they seemed quite user friendly) or a Bernina Activa (well, Bernina's kind of speak for themselves don't they?!) 

Help!, which would you choose? 

9 comments: said...

What a darling little button! Regarding the machines, which is less likely to break down, or, easiest to service?

silverpebble said...

You lucky thing going to the festival of quilts! It seems as though so many bloggers were there - not all aware of one another though.

Recently another blogger I frequent had to decide on a sewing machine - I can't remember which blog!!! She decided on the Bernina though.

Anonymous said...

Great to meet you yesterday - I never even thought I would meet anyone up there, let alone sit next to two of them in the Amy Butler lecture!!! Hope you enjoyed the rest of the day.

Mrs Jelly said...

I don't know about Bernina or Husqvarna models, but I just had to replace my delapidated sewing machine and I told the chap in the shop that my main concern was that it could cope with being used for 8 hours a day if needs be. He sold me a Babylock Silver and I love it. I now have a Babylock overlocker, sewing machine and a Husqvana embroidery machine.


You will come and join in on the camper-van swap on my blog won't you?


You've got lots of time to come up with something!

Gina said...

I have two Activas - one several years old and a more recent purchase. I looked at others but I love my old one so much there was no choice really. Good solid reliable machines.

monda-loves said...

I'm also a big bernina fan, so i'd definitely go for this one, mind you, I don't have an activa...yet ;o)


Prue said...

I would go the Bernina. I bought a Bernina when I was 16, almost 20 years ago, and had it serviced recently for the first time. I love my Bernina. Mum used to have a Husqvarna, but when I got a Bernina she liked it so much she got one too.

Sara said...

i have a bernina, and i can honestly say that as long as i can afford to buy them, they will be the only sewing machines i will own. :o) i LOVE LOVE LOVE my bernina ... i also have a bernina serger, and am hoping to buy a bernina embroidery machine one day soon. ;o)
good luck with your decision!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the Bernina's, I come from a family of Husqvarnas. I owned (and still have) a Viking 980 for 24 years, and last year purchased a Viking Sapphire. I love it! But I also know that many love their Bernina's! (Aren't I a help!) I'm sure that you'll enjoy whichever one you choose!