February 7, 2008

Belated thank you's,

Bit further on with the toweling cat, body all finished, just need to make a dress.  This one has been made using the basic body pattern from this soft toy kit, which I designed a couple of years ago, I'm changing all the fabrics and have updated the face a little.

Apologies are in order though,  I had forgotten about being nominated for, firstly a 'you make my day' award, by both Jane and Lesley, (thank you ladies),

for this, and also for Corinne, I have to name 10 blogs, 10 wonderful blogs.  There are so many to choose from, my Bloglines list is now nearing 200!  So, instead, I will nominate a small selection, that if you haven't already, you simply must check out, the common theme here, being they have all set themselves challenges for 2008, and are coming up with some amazing stuff.

and Syko, who is doing an ingenious interactive project!

And I've also been nominated for this by Apryl.

For this one, I have to list 7 weird facts about myself, so here goes,

1. I don't drink tea or coffee
2.  I am naturally blonde, but dye my hair brown
3.  I don't like oranges
4.  I afraid I don't like Blythe dolls, I think they are creepy
5.  I love jelly sweets, in fact I am positively mean over how many sweets I allow my children to have because I save them for myself instead!
6.  I am addicted to tickling my nose on my children's hair, so much so, that they run away from me now!
7.  After failing needlework at school, I have since completed a BA Honours Degree in Weaving and Embroidery!

So, there you go.  Instead of nominating anyone for this one though, I'm going to ask you all to leave a comment and tell me one weird fact about you, so we can find out who is the weirdest!


Locket Pocket said...

Oh thank you so much on behalf of Loo-sley! Our very first joint award!!!!

Okay then - a weird fact about me - I speak to Lesley about 100 times a day on the phone - and she always makes me laugh...........a lot!!!!!

Mrs Moog said...

How exciting!! Thank you so much. We are having lots of fun doing our joint blog and your award makes it even better!

Oooh - a weird fact? Although she's younger than me (grrr) I have adopted Lucy as my surrogate Mum as I'll phone her to tell her the sort of silly funny unimportant things that I used to phone my Mum about!


Mrs Moog said...

p.s. you towelling cat is GORGEOUS!!!!!

Unknown said...

LOVE towelling cat!!!

Weird thing about me? Hmmm, there are so many...I can't peel an orange, the smell makes me feel ill. Last night Warren touched my phone with orange fingers and I got really really upset with him.

French Knots said...

Cute cat and I love the fabric he's lying on!
Weird...I can't bear celery, the tast or the smell of and my children have never tasted it as I wont have it in the house, when I had an allotment I asked the chap with the plot next to mine to stop growing it as the smell wafted over!

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

What a fantastic degree subject...I so regret wasting mine on something that has no real bearing on anything that I actually want to spend my time doing.


monda-loves said...

you know, i was in shop today where I saw Blythe birthday cards, and I said to Mr Monda 'I just don't get it' and I really don't. Bizarre things - there are loads of handmade blythe clothes on etsy too. weird.

Weird fact about me? Well sorry to copy but I also don't drink tea of coffee - I mainly drink very weak squash (normally blackcurrant) or fruit juice (but it has to be half water half juice).


mollycupcakes said...

At the moment my weird thing is to write down everything I eat and the calories too. By the end of the month I will have filled a book.
But I have to or I'll be naughty and eat everything in the house hehe!

Catherine x

Prue said...

This will probably be too much information, but I always get a runny nose when I do No 2s on the toilet. I have no idea why!

saraeden said...

I help teach swimming but im not a very good swimmer and im also allergic to chlorine !!!!

SuzyQSparkles said...

Don't like or eat potatoes unless they are french-fried or potato chips. My GM made me each a huge portion, cold, when I was 3, ever since, I can't get past the gag-reflex of anything remotely "mushy" in texture (including squash and beans). People are always agasht when I say I don't eat potatoes and also, my other GM is still forgetting and serving them to me... over 30 years since "the incident".

Another "weird" thing... we have NO TELEVISION in our home. We don't own one!

Monkee Maker said...

Ha ha, I enjoyed reading about everyone's weirdness, and checking out those other blogs too - some gorgeous photos.

Well done on your awards, very well deserved.

Something weird about me .... if I scratch inside my belly button it makes my bum itch!

(Sorry, but you did ask ...)


dottycookie said...

Thank you for saying that about Blythe dolls - they creep me out too. So, either I'm weird too, or you owe us another fact ;-)

Focus on Life said...

Ha ha, weird fact about me! I know what it is straightaway but please dont have me committed....
...I like words...OK, sounds normal enough?...but I ESPECIALLY like words that have the same number of i's as t's...cos for some WEIRD reason if they have an equal amount of i's and t's, they seem like "well balanced" words!!! Dont ask me what thats all about...