September 17, 2012


This blog has been so quiet lately, I feel the need to re-introduce myself.  Hello, I'm Amy, and I craft... sometimes, oh, and I also wrote a book and I make stuff!

The summer has been very busy for us, visiting lots of family and also ripping our garden to pieces to begin a complete revamp that has been on the cards for the last 5 years.

(railway sleeper planters!) 

There has been a little crafting, not much I have to admit, but just a little...

Luke has a cabin bed in his bedroom, and despite having what I think is quite a nice room, he continually makes a pain of himself (as most little brothers do) by hovering around his older sisters room far too much, so I decided to make the underneath of his bed into a den by adding curtains.  I have lots of fabric, but most is in the form of fat quarters, so nothing large enough to make curtains.  Obvious solution was to patchwork some together.  I have to be honest and say the thought made me shudder a bit.  Patchwork and Quilting has, so far, not really appealed to me, and I did begin to wonder why this might be?

I think it's because it involves precise measuring and cutting, whereas in my everyday crafting I tend to do things by eye and in a slap dash fashion.  So, trying hard to remain undaunted, I pressed on and turned the upstairs landing into a great big cutting mat,

and patchworked this totally exact and not cut in the slightest bit wonky fabric jigsaw into...

a curtain!   I hung them both in place, intending to take them down again and give them an iron, yet here we are, a month or so later, and they are both still there, still un-ironed.  But at least there are 2 people and 1 animal happy with the den, Luke, because he has a den, Lucy, because he's slightly less of a pain, and the cat, because he hid in there and missed his vet's appointment for a blood test because I couldn't find him.  Sneaky cat!


Enya Jaime Alba said...

Hahahah I love te thing about the cat!! Made me laugh!

Unknown said...

The cat thing is spot on!
The curtains looks brilliant and I know how you feel about patchwork I have a massive pile of squares all cut out to make a quilt for my bed and I just haven't been able to face putting them all together yet!

Quietly Otaku said...

Those raised beds look great! I've never tried quilting to be honest I agree with you I'm not one for precision!

Anonymous said...

I love the patch work.Though it really needs patience to do it yet it looks like it's so easy for you to make it.I agree it really needs precise measuring and cutting.Good Job Amy.
Want to buy brother sewing machine ?

Unknown said...

These are too cute! I wouldlove it if you could add this to our new blog party! i think our readers would love this!

Creative Kate said...

What lovely fabric!

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