September 3, 2010


Every year I have a bit of an inner debate with myself over which magazines I subscribe to.  They are a luxury, rather than a necessity, so 1 is about all I can stretch too.  In 2009, it was Selvedge, this year I went for Marie Claire Idees.  I first came across this magazine many years ago while working for Coats.  We had got hold of the odd copy in the design studio, and eventually signed up for a subscription.  It always caused a bit of excitement when the new issue arrived, and I found it very amusing as each of the designers would immediately favour different pages, a good thing that we all liked different things design wise. 

The latest issue has just arrived this morning, and although I do have to admit that since my years subscription started, I haven't been as taken with the magazine as I thought I would be, this one is for me, a bit more back on form.

Lots of cute things here,

a beautiful quilt,

exquisite embroidery, hand stitched with a bit of ribbon applique by the looks of it,

an article about shopping in Paris, just to get you in the mood for European cities (ideal for me as I'm off to Barcelona soon!)

and then there's the homage to Autumn.  I do love Autumn, it's my favorite season of the year, we got married in the Autumn, just as the leaves were turning gold.

I'm just not quite ready for Summer to be over yet!!

(I got my Marie Claire Idees subscription from here)


Greedy Nan said...

So do you speak/read French or just lured in by the pictures?

Chandra said...

Thanks for sharing~ I had never heard of their Idees version before and it looks lovely.

Sorry you have been going through a lot with family. No fun. Hope you can find time to create soon!

Swirlyarts said...

I subscribe to Selvedge and I grab Marie Claire Idees whenever I am in France. It helps that I have a sister in law who has a house over there! So I don't have a full collection but random issues instead!

katie jean said...

I know Marie Claire Idees is such a treat to get! I finally bought myself a subscription this year as well. I would always have to wait until I was in a big city to buy one! It is worth the price though :)