July 2, 2010

Kids, grrrrrrrrrrr!

One of the perils of being a Mum of school aged children is having to (usually, at very short notice) come up with various costumes for events on at school.  This week's is Superhero Day.  Lucy's class have had lots of fun this term doing projects involving Superheros, and today the whole year group (plus teachers) have gone in costumes.  Now, as always in our house, the children decide what they want to go as, and I try and come up with the goods, although I have to admit defeat on a couple of occasions when we've just gone out and bought something instead.  The biggest problem I have is with them constantly changing their minds.

Last week, Lucy was going as Wonder Girl.  She drew a design,

we went out shopping for a red t-shirt and green skirt, she decided Wonder Girl needed a logo, so I stitched a 'W' onto the top, and also made some green wrist bands too.  

There we go, sorted.  Until...,

this week, we met Cheetah Girl.  I would normally stand my ground on this and say no, already having made one costume, but she won me over after drawing a whole cartoon strip for the new character.

So, this was me last night,

Luckily, we already had a yellow t-shirt, which is now covered in Cheetah spots, oh and also a logo, because all Superheros need a logo, right?!

So, here she is, Cheetah Girl (although she is wearing Wonder Girls wristbands as a compromise).  The next costume I make is for me.  Supermum.

ps, it's July.  Countdown to turning 40 begins here!


Anonymous said...

I am hopeless at sewing so I wouldn't be very good with coming up with one, let alone two costumes. If I was asked to make a card, that would be fine, but you would be horrified at the hems on my work pants. Huge big stitches that look really bad! I love the costumes you made by the way and I think you should definitely make yourself a supermum outfit.
~ Sarah ~

Annie said...

Hehehe been there done that :-)
In fact I still have days when I wear my knickers on the outside :-)
Enjoy them while they are young I say and treasure every minute.
A x

IdaDown said...

Ah the patient mum - I was up till late the night before Miss 5's birthday, sewing yellow stripes on a black shirt for Mr B (luckily Miss 5's ladybird costume was available to buy).

Twiglet said...

Well done you! I do wonder what non-sewing mums do for these events! We always had lots of fun making our outfits but thats easy when you sew.

Craftcherry said...

What a totally awesome mother you are!!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fabarooni! I won't show my kids this as they will want to move in with you :-)

Apryl said...

fantastic.. especially the bit where your head didnt explode and you didn't turn into a supervillian!

TiLT said...

love it! I could not have said no after seeing the comic strip either :)

Unknown said...

oooh fun, fun, fun! and at short notice too! lol!

imperfectly natural mama said...

Hee hee so cute. On behalf of teachers everywhere I would like to apologise for short notice costume requsts. In fairness it usually isn't our fault but the management who are totally disconnected from the rest of teh school. Hope she has a great day.