May 18, 2010

Sit back,

...relax, watch and enjoy.

(and re-live that moment of horror with me where I suddenly remember the awful author picture which I meant to replace, still there!)

The book is out now.


Asun y Miquel - Los megusta said...

Precioso video, enhorabuena a todas las artesanas por este maravilloso trabajo, porque la libertad que da la creatividad nos hace volar como pajaros.
Un saludo a todas y feliz semana.

Twiglet said...

And very nice too!!!

Jessica said...

Congratulations on the book coming out - I really hope I get it as one of my Birthday presents as I can't wait to have a look through it.

Clair said...

Yippee! Little birds arrived today and I love it! Can't wait to start making.

Anonymous said...

how swwet!

How about winning a great silk shawl?

prashant said...

Congratulations on the book coming out
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