March 8, 2010

Pooh sticks,

Lucy had a confused look on her face yesterday, 

'Mum, what are those on your desk?'


Me, 'They are going to be Bullrushes'

Lucy, 'Oh'

Me, 'Why?'

Lucy, 'They look like poo's'


Me, 'Well, they're not poo's, they are Bullrushes and are waiting for their stalks'

Lucy, 'Cool, then they'll be poo on a stick!'

Me, 'They are NOT poo's'

Lucy, 'But they look like poo's'


Lucy, 'But...'

Me, 'Oh, I give up!'

Back to making pooh sticks then...,

ps, don't forget about the GIVEAWAY.


Anonymous said...

I think your bullrushes look fabulous! But why does this post remind me of exchanges with m husband? eg when I got a pretty lime coloured crystal pendant, it was immediately christened by said bloke as 'bogey on a chain', and no amount of protest would change his mind. Never work with children or men! Jen x

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

hahaha, so funny!! you won't change her mind! ;)

Ale jc said...

I am with your daughter I immediately thought
please do not send me these...recently someone sent me some cinnamon buns and I thought they looked like "throw up" lol...Funny how the first thing we see makes us
bless you and your wee one...
madame samm

French Knots said...

Ha, that's hilarious! So nice for your creativity to be appreciated!

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Kids say they funniest things, and have their very own perspective on things. Funny story, love your birds too! Good luck with them.

RG said...

mwah ha ha ha ha!!
The way kids see it is always different to us!
Nice to have a differnt point of 'pooh'?

TopCat76 said...

tee hee! reminds me of my favourite childhood joke:
"What's brown and sticky?"

nope, not poo on a stick...

wait for it...


Taz said...

What would we do without our little darlings eh? LOL

WoolenSails said...

Kids are so funny. I think they look wonderful.


Terry said...

ROFL...I knew they were bullrushes, but poo on a stick is just too cute!! LOL

Mrs Mac said...

Lol!!! Poo sticks!!!! :)

Becky J. said...

ha ha haa!! that is too cute and funny and oh a bit of truth too.
I was thinking long skinny rat...before the pooh that is.

AMIT said...

Wow its so lovely.

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Traceyr said...

tee hee how very funny of Lucy. I thought they were mice without ears or eyes yet. hahaha


Unknown said...

Hilarious! Thanks for sharing this.

Unknown said...

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