November 26, 2009

Cross stitch,

I've noticed recently quite a few craft bloggers, mainly Hillary, getting into cross stitch. When I think back to the years (12 in total, I think) spent designing cross stitch day in, day out, I wonder exactly how many cross stitch designs I must have completed. I have no idea.

For those who are newer to this blog, my first job after leaving University was as a Needlecraft Designer for Coats Crafts UK, chances are any cross stitch, tapestry or embroidery kit with an 'Anchor' brand label made between 1994 and 2006, I will, to a varying degree, have been involved with the design.

There are some of my designs still around,

the Owl was probably the best selling kit I ever did, and once designs retire from the range, they quite often pop up again in magazines.

I left Coats when we relocated from one part of the UK to another, my parting gift was this little gem.

One of my first designs for Coats was a set of 3 miniature victorian style stitchettes, one was of a bath, one was a jug and bowl, and the third was of a toilet. Two were discontinued after a couple of seasons, but the toilet remained for a good few years. Once it was also discontinued, it became my ambition to get a loo back in there,

and 'flush flush' is still in the range today!

Edited to add - No, I didn't stitch any of these designs, Coats have a team of outworkers who do all the sewing. The design team churn out designs at such a fast rate, there was no time for any cross stitch!


juanitatortilla said...

Ohmyword, these are amazying designs!
The last time I've ever cross-stitched was as a teen.

I should probably get back to it, one day. Along with painting as well. Thank you for the inspiration! You are such a great designer.

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

ah i remember all these designs well as i used to sell them - i worked in a fantastic art and crafts shop for 15 yrs 1989-2004!

Anonymous said...

The toilet really appeals to my sense of humour but the owl is gorgeous! Beautiful work :)

(Incidentally did you know Coats are about to relocate again? My man inside told me when I met up with him last week)

Doda said...

these are fantastic! Did you paint the designs first and then make them into cross stitch? Wow!

Jessica said...

I've finished a few cross stitch in my time - but nothing near as intricate as that owl! Did you just do the design of these and then get someone else to physically stitch them? Surely you can't have done all the cross stitch too?!

Connie said...

The triple set you mentioned I have done in the past, cross stitch was the first craft I learnt, 18yrs back, and I still have it on the wall it was a bunch of roses!!! beautiful

SewAmy said...

I love cross stitch and am looking to get back into it.

Suzanne Vaughan said...

I still love cross-stitch. I am interested in whether you had to paint the design first.

Lynn Keen said...

I would love to get a copy of the Flush Flush pattern. I have searched high and low with no luck. Is there a place I can go to find it?
Thank you,
Lynn Keen

Ashley Starlie said...

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Paul Smith said...

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