June 23, 2009

Fabric, material, cloth,

...whatever you call it, it is my favorite medium to work with.  Anyone who reads this blog regularly will have noticed that I work from a limited range of fabrics, the same prints will crop up over and over again.  This is partly due to lack of storage space, funds and also because my crafting philosophy stems around the idea that it doesn't actually need to cost a huge amount of money to sew.  Many of my fabrics are from old clothes, mine, the children's, family members, and thrifted.  When I do add to my collection with bought fabrics, it will be something carefully chosen, I window shop a lot, but only occasionally buy.

Manda posted in detail the other day about fabric, and I'm also an advocate of buying fabric from overseas.  Last Thursday, I took the plunge, and purchased these two prints from ChokiChoki via Etsy, today is Tuesday, and they arrived this morning all the way from Japan.  How's that for speedy service!  I've had my eye on the telegram print for a while, and fell in love with the vintage sewing print while browsing.  Unwrapping the package, I was briefly disappointed to see they were a little darker that I originally thought, but then realised I still had my sunglasses on, sunglasses removed, problem solved!

(the sewing print is on linen, lovely weight of fabric)

Speaking of Manda, I have pinched her idea from this Flickr photograph for having swatches of fabric hung up over my desk,

...very handy and very organised!

And speaking of Flickr, here's a tip, NEVER (accidently) delete cookies from your computer, without taking a note of your yahoo id and password, otherwise you will find yourself unable to log in to your Flickr account, for hours and hours.

Not that I did this..., 


just sayin...!


trash said...

do you know, over the years I have 'thought' of many great tips to avoid stressful situations, again stressing NOT that I have done the stuff suggested ;-)

Apryl said...

love the new look of your crafty space.. I need to revamp mine.. and actually decorate the bedroom too.. love the fabric especially the telegram one!

Anonymous said...

i love the swatches idea!

one day (when i get organised and STOP buying too much and it isn't all heaped up like it is now...) i would love to have something like that, it looks great :-)

Rose XXX

Needled Mom said...

I love the new fabric! I also think that hanging the swatches is a fabulous idea.

Tita Carré said...

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WoolenSails said...

Love those fabrics. I have to look for those type, next time I am in a store.


susan said...

haaha! pretty idea about the fabric swatches. are these fabrics you use a lot, so you know what you have, or just for pretties?

Mama of Litlles said...

I just found your blog and just had to follow you! I love your site!!


Unknown said...

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