March 6, 2009

Something new...!

I thought I'd try something new, they are a bit rough round the edges, it being a first attempt and all, but I have wanted to give making a video tutorial a go for a long time now.
The first is a little introduction and a tour of my sewing room (you get to see where Mr LK fell through the ceiling), and the second...,

is a simple tutorial for how to do free machine embroidery.  We've spent this evening playing around with 'imovie', and after persuading Mr LK to take the chipmunk sound effect off my voice, they have finally been uploaded to You Tube!

I think if I do more, I've learnt quite a lot from doing these two, the quality will be much improved next time round (and I'll use a tripod instead of a shaky hand!).  So what do you think?, an oscar or a razzie?

In all this excitement, I almost forgot it is my two year blogiversary on Monday, going to have to put my thinking cap on for how to celebrate! 


ittybittyandpretty said...

it was so nice to hear your voice!!!! maybe you could do a covert operation in the night and paint a mural on the next doors extension! he he he

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I am currently awaiting delivery of a shiny, new Bernina Activa - my first grown-up machine after a lifetime of using a very basic Janome. I live at the back of beyond so have rather scarily bought it online and've just confirmed I made the right choice - and I really, really REALLY want to try my hand at free machine embroidery so your video is doubly helpful! Thanks again!

Dolci Fusa said...

The videos are no longer available on youtube...

Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Amy,
Your videos are fantastic...I think you've done a great job. Both are Oscar worthy for sure! Thanks for doing them, I'm sure it was alot of work in the beginning.

Mrs Jelly said...

Genuine thanks to your for posting that. I recently took delivery of a freehand foot because it's something I've wanted to master for a while, but my first attempt was pretty rubbish and it ended up in my drawer.
Your video has really helped.
Do you ever use stabiliser on the back of your fabric?
And also, just a teeny-tiny comment about the video quality - your voice fades in and out - can you speak a bit louder or use a separate microphone?

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I was just wondering yesterday how to do this. Thank you! I have a rather simple Brother machine, so I'll have to figure out how to replicate this.


Dolci Fusa said...

It seems others can see video, why I cannot? SIGH

Lynne said...

Thanks for the video. I've tried this a while ago but was dissatisfied with it, not sure if I was doing it correctly.
Should the presser foot actually hold down the fabric, or should it as you say only be stopping your fingers getting caught.
I would really appreciate it if you could answer me this as it's something I want to master.
Thanks in anticipation,

Kitty said...

Thank you so much for that! I am someone who has marvelled at free machine embroidery but never attempted it myself. You make it look like something I could actually do!

Also ... your voice is so 'young'! x

Unknown said...

Great to hear your voice and see you in action. Your studio looks sooooooo neat ... I feel especially ashamed now. Mine in comparison is a disgrace - and I've tidied it up.

Quick question - what thread do you use for your free motioning ? x

Anonymous said...

they are fantastic - well done! nice to hear your voice too. might drop my feed dogs (love that name!) today and have ago!!

monda-loves said...

great - I just spent the last 8 mins or so nosing around your little studio. Thanks for sharing :o)


Amy said...

it is so much fun to hear your voice rather than just read it! I should try to get a little video together and see what my readers think! Right- whenever I find the extra time and Senior Crabby Pants decides not to cry all day like today (Senior Crabby Pants aka the baby)

Thimbleanna said...

How fun to hear your sweet voice with that fabulous accent!!! Love the spot in the ceiling. My hubby fell through his parents ceiling while in their attic one day and they were really mad. Until a few years later when his father fell through in the same place. Then his father did it again. And then his brother did it. FINALLY, they put flooring in the attic so no one could fall through anymore. I think it's hysterical!

Mrs Moog said...

Not sure what I enjoyed most - mooching around your sewing room or watching you do free machine embroidery ONE HANDED!! Either way, Oscar on both counts :-)

Thank you!


Wendy said...

Your video are fantastic. Thanks for showing the free motion machine embroidery, I've never tried it but I might now that I've seen how it's done.

~Moondust Marita~ said...

Thank you for doing this. I knew my machine had the capability for this but tried it once years ago on an old t-shirt and the material was too stretchy and it didn't work and I gave up but now I think I will give it another try. Very cute projetcts!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the really great tutorial. I absolutely can't wait to try out the free motion embroidery!