October 2, 2008

Cats & birds,

Thank you for all the feedback on my last post, it is a real shame that this kind of reaction to a home made gift is so common!

Nevertheless, onwards and upwards, that's what I say to it all!

Am in the process of adding a few things to Etsy,

some birds,

and another cat and kitten.

After receiving an email the other day, I've added a Babel Fish language translator widget to the sidebar (scroll down), which will hopefully be helpful.  I've been meaning to add one for a while now, so thank you for the little nudge!

Next project is to make a few more of those cotton reel pin cushions which I'm quite looking forward to doing as I've still not really used my new sewing machine much yet, and it's calling out to do some sewing, and I loved making those.


lisenn said...

Bravo !
Your little kat are so beautifull.
(Not only the cat, all in this blog is beautifull)
Have a nice day !

Kitty said...

Such classy little birds and cats. I loved those cotton reel pincushions - can't wait to see more! x

море нежности said...

Hi Were you buying that 3D fabric?? I never hear of that:( I make some cats to you can see it in my blog :)

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

i love your little birds - so sweet x

RedPanties said...

What a sweet kitty!! I love your blog, and hope you don't mind that I've added a link to you on my own!

vanessa said...

the kitty is adorable! i love your blog. i'd like to start selling things myself... wondered if you had any beginners advice?

zana said...

What a great craft! Congrats on the ETSY front page!
Just wanted to say HI and introduce myself! Please stop by and visit my blog, Sitting Pretty Studio...I'm hosting a giveaway this week!

Mirella Dellazzari said...

I'm Brasilian!
Sorry, but my english is very poor...
I'm encanted with your job!
I'll try to do the birds, my family is crazy to bird...
Wonderfull things