April 2, 2008

Kids play!

After a healthy start to my Etsy shop (a big thank you to those who have been brave and taken the plunge with me, I'm all sold out of owls and dogs for now, but there are some little hedgehogs available), I had to hot foot it out shopping this morning for packaging, and again this afternoon, with a rather large bag of parcels to post.  This also means a chance to go round the local charity shops.  One shop, in particular is excellent, and today was no exception.  A woolly jumper, which I've already felted in the machine, and a couple of pillow cases, which colour wise, go really well together.  I'm thinking... another felted bag and lining?!

I also bought a book on toymaking.  This is from 1979, and I was expecting it to be full of soft toy patterns, but on closer inspection, it has loads of ideas for things to do with cardboard.  With our two week holiday from school looming (I would say easter holidays, but given we've already had easter, I'm not sure what to call it!), I thought I'd share some of the ideas...

village playmat,


a skyscraper, Luke would have fun knocking that down!,

and a dolls house.

Looking through the book reminded me of two blog posts I lurked on earlier this week.  This one from Udder on making little houses, and this from Tiny Happy, with a fab idea for drawing a whole town, for a train track.

Before I finish and on the subject of kids, I must tell you about Lucy's patching.  She was seen at the hospital last week, her weak eye has improved and is working almost as well as the other, so no more patching (for now, anyway), she has been discharged and can now go to a normal optician.  Thank you to all the people who have contacted me about the eye patch tutorial.  I'm so glad to hear that it has been helpful, and can assure you, that patching does indeed work magic!

To celebrate, she asked that I post a picture of the tie dyed cushion she made at Saturday Art Club, it's even got little beads she's made sewn on.  Given this blog actually does have her name on it, she thinks of it as hers now!


Blossom said...

your felt and fabric look great!!!
The book looks wonderful.just what you neeed for the holidays!!!

Prue said...

Amy, I would love you to do a tutorial on how to felt a jumper some time if you have the chance. Choosing the jumper, how long to stick it in the machine for, any preparation needed etc. I've always wanted to try felting, but never really known where or how to start.

jillytacy said...

I've been wanting to try the felted bag since I saw your post. I have everything felted but just haven't taken the time to sew it. I'm happy to hear about Lucy's eye improving. Thanks for sharing her cushion. It's very cute. I love art done by kids!

Lesley said...

Great charity shop finds! The fabrics are great and will look lovely made into a bag. I love the open dolls' house in the book!!

Beautiful job on the cushion Lucy and so glad to hear you got on well at the eye hospital :)


dottycookie said...

I'm glad Lucy's eye is feeling better!

When I saw your last picture I had to go and check that the pillow was still on my little one's bed - because she tie dyed one with the same pattern in the same colour last year and now I have to wash and return it evefry week as no other one will do! I love tie dye!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Great news about Lucy's eyesight and I love her cushion!

Can't believe I missed the grand Etsy opening! I'll try to be more on the ball next time you stock up!

Lucy x

Kitty said...

Well done on the Etsy items! I got my envelope today - thank you so much :-D

So glad Lucy's eye is better - although she had the prettiest patch ever. Wonderful charity shop finds - well done.


annemarie said...

Please more owls - cannot believe I missed out on the owls in your etsy shop. Love all your goodies.

Mytutorlist.com said...

A very healthy start indeed! There are only 2 hedgies left now! You're on a roll! Great work, Amy!

I'm delighted to hear that Lucy's eye is getting better. I'm also happy to hear that your tutorial was able to help other parents. What wonderful news!

Oh, and Lucy's pillow is lovely :)

Chloe said...

Congratultions on a great Etsy start.
You must be so pleased.

And lovely charity shop finds.
You always seem to get great things.

Suzie Sews said...

sounds like your busy, love that fabric, funny I have been looking for ages for sweaters to felt and this week i picked up two

Mytutorlist.com said...

Oh, you'll never guess what I saw today! I spotted a little girl with glasses and an eye patch, and some lovely person had made a felt design for her just like the one you made for Lucy! It looked great!