October 17, 2007

This weeks WIP

I mentioned in another post about making something for my niece using some of the lace from my mother-in-law's wedding dress. Well, I've made a start, only just!. There is a list of handmade christmas presents to get through in the next few months (hands up, who is doing the same!!), so I need to get cracking with it all.

Also, remember Bella?, well here is my new bracelet which I got in return for the craft swap. It is the one with the turquoise beads nestling there amongst my growing collection, I am rather a big fan of bracelets.

Now, back to sewing all those christmas presents for me......!


janet clare said...

Yes, I'm supposed to be making lots of Christmas presents too!

Katy said...

Got my hand up - I really need to be getting on with presents and not reading blogs. The bracelet looks rather gorgeous there on your wrist (that middle one is rather spesh too!)

tillyboo said...

Me too & panicking !

Love the bracelet by the way, lovely colours.
I agree Katy, the pull of mumsnet and blogs (Oh, and 'The Racing Post' website) are just too much of a temptation tho)

pink-petal-designs said...

whooo its looking lovely,, looking forward to seeing more pics.
lovely bracelet.
Sarah x

pink-petal-designs said...

whooo its looking lovely,, looking forward to seeing more pics.
lovely bracelet.
Sarah x

Bev and Ollie "O" said...

god yes, I need to get started on the christmas pressies! I love the colours for your new creations really lovely, the lace is a beautiful touch.
I also have to get started on a late birthday pressie for my sister, the giving and recieving of a handmade pressie is so much more special than a bought one. xx

incywincytogs said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog ... I love your work too! It's gorgeous =D

I actually checked out your blog last night as I saw your pics on the pics&needles group that I set up on flickr.

Where did you do your weaving degree? I did woven textiles at Loughborough

~ Have saved you to my fav blogs ; )
Hope to chat soon.
Sam. x

incywincytogs said...

I was a Loughborough 95-98 and then PGCE after. I can't remember a Martin Blundell?? My two tutors were both called Jan!
He may have taught my husband at foundation though?? as he's from Liverpool and did his foundation there before coming to Loughborough and meeting me =D

We actually have a few friends that did illustration so your dh may have taught them? I love going round the Illustration area on the L'boro Degree Show, all the work is amazing!
Sam. x

Monkee Maker said...


I hope you managed to get LOTS of sewing done yesterday - with absolutely NO vegging out in front of old TV programmes! Days off are fab, aren't they? But over with too quickly, sadly.

Great gift goodies, and beautiful bracelets :)

Beth said...

I love the soft colors of your WIP. Good luck on the xmas gifts!