June 20, 2007

This weeks WIP, and interesting facts 2 & 3!

A new hen softie has hatched this week, still not 100% sure about the legs but am happy for now. The hen also has a little chick finger puppet with a pocket for it to sit in.

This is the other side as I've used different fabrics on each. (Next time, I will photograph softies with a more interesting background!).

Interesting facts 2 & 3,

I work differently to most crafters who blog, in that the items I make are not for sale. They are prototypes, which will be made into a craft kit you will be able to buy in the shops so you could make one yourself, or they will appear in a craft or embroidery magazine as an editorial feature. In the future, I will most likely begin to make one offs to sell, as it can be a bit frustrating having to stick within manufacturing constraints when designing something to be kitted. You can see what I mean by a 'kit' here, rag doll kits, and felt toy kits.

My background in crafting is vast, BA Honours Degree in weaving and embroidery, 11 years design and manufacturing experience, I can turn my hand to make most things but i cannot ...................... knit!!! I probably could if I tried, I can (or at least, used to be able) crochet but haven't done any for years. Must get some knitting needles and have a go!.


Anonymous said...

i would love to be doing a one off. i am in a book being published in october and that was great. i find production line work tedious but sometimes i can't help myself and you always do something different so worth pushing the envelope.

i love the chicken and i went to your husbands website, rather talented is an understatement!!! fantastic.

Catalina Alvarez said...

Oh! i love the colors.
Your blog is so interesting!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you came across my blog and commented. Now I have a new blog to add to my list! You are very talented and I love that you're making kits. What a fantastic idea!