May 21, 2007

This weeks WIP

I am working on a set of patchwork animals using Rowan fabrics and felt with a bit of applique and embroidery.

Version two is not complete, it needs feet adding and I can't decide whether to put the pocket on the front or the back for the little finger puppet.

After starting on a purple one, I got half way through and a parcel of new material came in the post which totally changed my mind, so I started again!.


Anonymous said...

Mama Owl is so cute. I LOVE her fabric. I would put baby Owl on the front but then you would cover the effect of the pretty fabric flower. Tuck baby under a wing maybe ?

Anonymous said...

i love the owls especially the baby and those fabrics, mmmmmm!
love the cornish puff term. its all too silly!

Beth said...

Your owls are adorable!!!

Jenn Hill said...

Ah! Mama and baby OWLS! So. Cute.

Blooming Felt said...


Many thanks for your comment on my blog - it's nice to know that it's read by others !

I was just checking out your own blog and notice you had a picture of a felt brooch (similar to the ones I produce) which used some spotted felt. I would LOVE to get some felt like that, but have been unable to find a supplier. I don't suppose you could let me have details of the supplier? I would be really grateful.

Many thanks