March 6, 2007


 It was a visit to an exhibition of historical embroidery which began to evoke the notion of a career in Textiles. After studying for a degree in weaving and embroidery at De Montford University in the UK, Amy began what was to become 12 years as a professional designer creating counted cross stitch, tapestry and embroidery kits. As the product range diversified, Amy began to engage in designing kits encompassing paper crafts, patchwork, soft toys and rag dolls. It was the transition of fabrics and embroidery from 2D to 3D which captured her imagination the most, and after a family relocation, an opportunity arose to begin following this new path.

‘Lucykate Crafts…’ began as a channel for new ideas and has grown into a busy and resourceful site amongst the online crafting community. Amy’s Softie designs are showcased here in addition to features in many crafting magazines and books both in the UK and USA.

Amy lives in a small village within the county of Rutland, United Kingdom, with her portrait painter husband and their 2 children.