July 10, 2013

Issue 4,

I am aware I've slipped on the blogging front lately, by way of a reprieve, check out the cover of Issue 4 of Homemade with Love!

It's out in the shops from July 12th, and available online here.


Jessie's Needle said...

Well done on getting on the cover. Quite understand you'd have limited time for blogging. I'll certainly look out for mag this weekend.
S xx

Jodie said...

Gorgeous cover. I'll have to get a copy for my 'bloggy friends' shelf.

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Uma Justino said...

I live in Toronto. I got the magazine today. Love it. The contents meets what iam doing right now. I wil have a blogg son. Xo

Uma Justino said...

I mean, soon... LOL