November 29, 2010


You know how we tend to have certain colours that we favour wearing?  Until recently, mine was always brown.  I wore it all the time and have lots of it in my wardrobe.  But now, I am starting to veer towards blue.  Blue has generally been a colour I avoided, except for denim (as in dark jeans, not 80's style pale denim jackets), but now I am embracing it in a vast array of shades and hues.
Given that over the past 2 weeks, the UK has been plunged into a bit of a cold snap, the one thing my wardrobe was lacking was a blue (or blueish) scarf.  One thing my craft room is not lacking, is tons of felted woolens...

so, here you go.  A pile of squares and rectangles stitched together, with a few buttons to jazz it up,

and we have a scarf.  A very snug scarf which I even wear indoors.  Both Lucy and Luke have asked for one.  I might even be tempted to stick a few up on Etsy.  Could do with clearing some space amongst my woolens stash!


Jo said...

Blue can be cold but not when it's a very stylish Wintry woolly.


Charles said...

The scarf looks lovely! What a nice idea! Funky buttons too.
Loving the look of your book too, All the animals look so cute!

Hoola Tallulah said...

The scarf is so sweet, I love the buttons, such a nice touch! I made my daughter a scarf yesterday using the sleeves of an old sweater, it's just about passable as a scarf, I am a bit of an amateur!

Jo said...

What a fab idea! I am a big scarf fan, and usually have a couple on the needles - love your much quicker method.

MiMi said...

Whoah! Those crafts are wonderful. And cute. How'd you made them?

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